9th Annual Client Christmas Party 2018

It was Yeisley Financial Group’s biggest event yet. 450 clients and guests attended the spectacular Colorful Christmas Party event this year. Thank you to the famous Taylor Mason for such an entertaining performance. Thank you to all who attended our event.

We had many other things to show as well at the event. With some staff changes this year, we felt it was best for you to get to know them directly by having them introduce themselves. The Yeisley Team consists of a small group of 9 people, but we have big dreams for what will be accomplished here.

We try every year to raise the bar at our special client events, especially our annual Christmas Party. This video is just a glimpse into what it takes to make this event possible.

Get ready for a festive, red carpet and red curtain gala themed Christmas party coming in 2019. This’ll be the 10th year since we began the client Christmas party and we’re still just getting started.

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